Raising funds for a Ribcraft 11.0 meter research and dolphin tour vessel to increase our capacity for marine research and public education, and grow the reach and impact of the organization

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Upcoming Events

  • 04 Dec 2022

    Ocean of Notes Concert: Dolphin Tunes

    Our end-of-the-year concert feature brilliant guitar virtuosos Tim May and Richard Gilewitz and a guest performance by the wonderful songwriter…
  • 14 Dec 2022

    A Winding Path to Discovery

    Tim Holford, Ph.D.,Max Planck Florida   This is part of our Meet the Scientist Lecture Series, which promotes and facilitates the…
  • 15 Feb 2023

    An Innovative Approach to Ocean Research and Education

    Angela Rosenberg, ANGARI Foundation Co-Founder & President   This is part of our Meet the Scientist Lecture Series, which promotes and facilitates…

Ocean of Notes Concert Series

We created this series to celebrate the acoustic world of the seas, and to connect with the community, share what we have learned, keep everyone informed about our programs and progress, and come together for a wonderful event of live music performances that is affordable for entire families to participate. Your help enables us to provide comp tickets to Florida Outreach Center for the Blind and other people in need.

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