Our Goals & Objectives

Analyze the social behavior and organization, habitat use and communication of wild dolphins living in the waters off southeast Florida;
Assess their health status and illustrate how their health is related to our own well being;
Advance our understanding of plastic litter and its impact on marine life and human activities, and develop strategies and tools for the responsible use of natural resources;
Increase awareness about the threats dolphin s and the oceans face, and solicit support from the general public and all other stakeholders for our programs.

The Palm Beach Dolphin Project is the flagship program of the Taras Oceanographic Foundation, a non profit, tax-exempt organization, founded in Jupiter, Florida.

Our vision is to advance our knowledge about dolphins and the long-term survival of both people and the oceans, through research, education, and cultural programs.

Our mission is to develop and carry out all of our operations and programs, with minimal overhead and in accordance with sustainability principles.

The huge interest in dolphins is used to encourage interest in the sea more generally, with these fascinating animals becoming ambassadors for the oceans.

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