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In our times, whales and dolphins have come so symbolize, more than any other species, the concern for the environment and have become a special symbol of sharing the earth. People react to them with empathy and express concern for their welfare.  They epitomize and illustrate many of the problems humans inflict on the sea. Dolphins engender a wish to improve the ‘health’ of the marine environment in people who might not otherwise care.

Through their many adaptations to marine life, dolphins reveal a great deal about what is important in the ocean, and they can be our guides to where to look for answers about how our oceans work.

Monitoring the overall health status of dolphins provides an excellent avenue to evaluate their own wellbeing as well as the oceans’. No doubt, it is in our own best interest to closely observe any patterns that could affect us.

Please join us in advocating for dolphins and their protection in our coastal waters. If one single person (YOU) can influence just ten people and each of them influences ten more, the impact can be monumental. The time is now. It begins with you.

Become an Ocean Sentinel.