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We conduct our dolphin conservation research along the southeast coast of Florida under a NOOA permit (currently in the renewal process). Specifically, we (1) shed light on the overall dolphin population, its size, residency of individuals, (2) compare, contrast, and evaluate how different environments influence dolphin distribution and habitat utilization, (3) assess the overall health status of the animals, (4) provide an understanding of how our own health and well-being is impacted by the conditions of marine environment, and (5) help develop conservation measures benefiting the ocean, dolphins and all people. We employ standard boat-based surveys and photo-identification techniques, GIS mapping and analytical tools. Using vessels between 26 and 35 feet, some generously provided by the Jupiter Pointe Boat Club, surveys are conducted year-round (weather permitting). As of late 2018, we have identified more than 600 bottlenose and spotted dolphins, many of which are seen regularly in our coastal waters. For more information, including on how to participate as a volunteer, intern and how to become a Certified Dolphin Naturalist, contact the program’s Director Barbara Brunnick, Ph.D. In his essay Dr. Harzen provides a more detailed rationale of why it is important to study dolphins.

Jupiter Pointe Boat Club: jupiterpointe.com/boat-club