Our 2018 concert features finger-style guitar virtuosos Richard Gilewitz, Scottish guitarist Tony McManus and Australian violinist and composer Mark Russell.  In addition, there will be  a special performance highlighting how everyone can make a difference in protection dolphins and the oceans.

The Ocean of Notes Concert Series in one of two Edu-Tainment programs of the Foundation. Music is not just an essential part of the human experience but also directly related to our conservation research; dolphins whistle and a myriad of living things as well as currents and tides perform a symphony that reverberates through the marine environment.

Recognizing that sharing this acoustic world greatly facilitates getting the public interested in conservation, we created the Ocean of Notes Concert Series with the following goals in mind: to promote music, musicians and their craft, and to provide a memorable experience for people across all income levels while learning about the important dolphin conservation work we do.

An edited version of the 2017 concert ‘Acoustic Journey’ can be watched Here