Join us for great day celebrating the ocean, having fun, enjoy live music and great food and a chance to win incredible raffle prizes. Everyone is welcome. No charge.

Jupiter, like so many coastal communities and towns, owns its cultural heritage and sense of place to the ocean. It is in the Jupiter Inlet, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Intracoastal Waterway and Loxahatchee River, representing a self-sustaining, bio-diverse habitat supporting marine life from tiny phytoplankton producing oxygen we breathe, to amazing dolphins who serve as flagship species for the entire seven seas. The ocean has been providing countless direct and indirect socio-cultural, historic, and natural resources benefits that have shaped and influenced the Town of Jupiter, its landmarks, character, and long-term needs as a healthy coastal community.

Jupiter has also evolved into a community that is home to world-class ocean explorers, researchers and their organizations, such the Taras Oceanographic Foundation, as well as nature enthusiasts, operating the Jupiter Outdoor Center and the Jupiter Water Taxi, providing wonderful on the water experiences for people of all ages.

And so for the very first time, and thanks to a joint effort by these three organizations, Jupiter will be officially celebrating World Oceans Day in 2017. Other participants include The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum, The River Center, Ocean Magic, Honors College of FAU and local fishermen.