Our Ocean Sentinels Club is proof that conservation can be fun, rewarding and effective. The Club unites and empowers citizens to advocate for the conservation of dolphins and the marine environment across Palm Beach County, and beyond.

Club activities include music performances and art exhibitions, social events to exchange ideas about critical conservation and sustainability issues, and hands-on activities, such as coordinated boat-based efforts to remove floating plastics from the ocean’s surface. Members become guardians of individual dolphins in our study population (adopt a dolphin), help produce a series of short films illustrating how dolphin and ocean health are related to our own well-being, and enjoy private dolphin and ocean expeditions to swim with dolphins, snorkel with whales, and explore coral reefs and other marine life.

The Ocean Sentinels Club

  • Empowers citizens to advocate for the conservation of dolphins and the marine environment
  • Supports research and educational programs, holds social events, and offers life-changing adventure travel experiences
  • Brings together like-minded individuals to network and engage in ocean conservation, sustainability and resiliency
  • Educates and shapes the next generation of dolphin and ocean enthusiasts and stewards

Membership categories include Individual Members (Full Members), Student Members and Corporate Members (Trustees). The benefit package for all of our members reflects our commitment to sustainability and our beliefs that the best things in life are not of material nature, but rather authentic experiences.

The membership fees will be used to grow the Foundation, increase the reach and impact of our programs, and provide more intern opportunities for students.