• Dolphin Discovery Fund

      Raising funds for a Ribcraft 11 meter research and dolphin tour vessel to improve marine research, public education, and grow our organization.
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    • Protect Wild Dolphins

      Dolphins face many challenges and threats in our oceans, including over-fishing, pollution, marine litter, being drowned in fishing gear, or getting injured by boat propellors.
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    • Stop Ocean Littering

      Countless dolphins and sea birds die every year due to the ingestion of marine litter they mistook for food, or entanglement in fishing lines or nets.
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    • Meet the Scientist Lecture Series

      Since its inception in 2004, this lecture series introduced more than 100 world-class scientists to become one of the most successful programs of its kind in Florida. We are currently re-structuring this program and expect to launch its successor in 2024.
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    • Ocean of Notes Concert Series

      Our long-running concert continues to attract and excite audiences, promote science and connecting the experience of live music with educating the public about our work.
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    • Drones and Dolphins

      We are developing a process combining drone technology with artificial intelligence to provide us with a fast monitoring and identification system. We also experiment with an underwater ROV aimed at expanding our observations into the underwater world.
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