Rhea Kraft is a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young (EY) in Germany.

She provides financial audits and financial advisory services in Germany, Portugal and Brazil to big industrial clients in the oil and gas industry and E-commerce business, as well as to various start-ups. Currently, she focuses on improving nonfinancial reporting processes including the monitoring and steering of non-financial KPIs, supporting clients in digitization of non-financial data, and on Risk Managing and Monitoring (incl. digital solutions) along the supply chain. Rhea’s experience and expertise also comprises Climate Change and Sustainability Services. Concurrently to her work at Ernst &Young she has been pursuing a Masters in (Environmental) Sciences, which she is expected to complete in 2021. Rhea joined the Board of the Foundation in 2019 and applies her expertise and experience, especially as it relates to financial issues and sustainability, to advance the programs and the overall growth of the Foundation.