Considered a Renaissance Man by his friends, German born Dr. Stefan Harzen is an accomplished scientist, entrepreneur, writer, broadcaster, photographer, musician and explorer.

Raised in Germany, he spent a good portion of his life in Portugal before arriving in the U.S. Stefan has been studying dolphins since his early twenties, however, his interest and expertise have long expanded to include sustainability, experience tourism, hospitality, waste management and performance metrics. Stefan has used his wide range of knowledge and cross-cultural experiences to advise leaders on how to best prepare for the future. He taught at the business school at FAU, produced and hosted 373 live 90-minute radio shows about science, conservation and sustainability, wrote numerous papers, a book about dolphins, and a biography, entitled An Ocean of Inspiration – The John Olguin Story. His photographs are part of private collections, and he is widely recognized as a wonderful public speaker and storyteller who can captivate and excite an audience with his in-depth knowledge, sharp analysis, whit and creative thinking. A Fellow of the world-renowned Explorers Club in New York, he is included in the pages of Adventurous Dreams, Adventurous Lives together with 120 other outstanding individuals, including Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin, representing a Who’s Who of international exploration. Stefan is a founding Board member of the Foundation and acts as its CEO and Chair of the Board.