TARAS seeks to acquire this larger version of the rigid inflatable boat it is currently using. It is the type used by military, rescue and security services, and by tour and excursion operators worldwide. These boats ride like much bigger boats, lively but very stable, with the inflatable tubes deflecting most spray and acting as shock absorbers for the entire boat.

Our boat will be designed to military and rescue standards and built and equipped specifically for dolphin tours, and to accommodate research on dolphins and marine life.

Seating will be a mix of saddle-style pod seats and traditional benches with all seats providing great views. A Bluetooth sound system will be used to listen to underwater dolphin and marine life sounds. To ensure safety, the boat will be equipped with communication and navigation gear, as well as automatic fire detection and suppression.

The intrinsic value of these dolphin tours – to the future of dolphins, our marine environment and our earth’s future – makes this a truly valuable investment.

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