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If you have any philosophical leanings towards protecting dolphins and our oceans, either for future generations or for their intrinsic values,
then learning enough to prevent lasting damage is crucial. Through our programs, we provide advanced scientific training, as well as opportunities in research and communications, to high school and college students, and anyone interested in dolphin and ocean conservation. Participants are expected to be highly motivated and committed to participate for an extended period of time. For more information, contact us.

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Studying wild dolphins in the open ocean is always a team effort. Aside from equipment and financial resources, it requires manpower both in the field, where we collect behavioral data, thousands of photographs and hours of video recording, and in the lab where all those need to be analyzed. Successful team members enjoy either all, or some of these tasks, and typically stay with us for prolonged periods of time. After all, it takes some training and experience.

We believe in giving everyone a chance to play an active role in our dolphin conservation research. If you are rather interested in an internship, please contact Barbara Brunnick, Ph.D. or watch this video.

If research is not your thing, your talents are still important to us. What we learn about dolphins, the oceans, and maybe even ourselves, needs to be communicated to the public at large. So if you like to write, speak or lecture about dolphin conservation, join our group of docents. In addition, we are active on social networks and depend on volunteers to coordinate post frequency and content. If you are more interested in our lecture or concert series, there are plenty of opportunities to help with the planning, organization and execution of these programs that are fun and rewarding. And who knows, you may have your own ideas of what you like to contribute. In any event, we are looking forward to hear from you.

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